I can’t loose

I was travelling from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar (Orissa) . During my travel I saw a tree in between the river standing alone during flood.

I was with my friend Sid. I asked him for the pic. After taking the photo one thing came into our mind how is it possible? We were little confused because the whole city is suffering from flood  but how a single tree survived?? :O .

If we will see it scientifically then we will conclude it with one sentence i.e. root of this tree is so deep that even flood couldn’t able to harm it. But wait, well why we always  think from science aspect ??? Does science  always true and does it able to give it right and appropriate answer. But in my mind answer is no. If science is always true then tell me why there is no way to stop death.

Another aspect is attachment of our emotions. What  we learnt from this  and how we are receiving it?

 Learning:- As coin has two sides it is also having two aspects.

First is learn everything from base and make yourself the best in the field. after that you would be able to learn everything as well as you will get the clear concept. As we know “Life is a race and we have to win in it“.

Second is “never loose your hope“. When someone is leaving us we  start crying for them as well as start drinking. After that everyone calls us drunkard. Then everyone leaves us. But what are we learning from this tree???. Due to flood all other trees were no more and he is alone. But yet he is not  loosing his hope. And till the day he is fighting with the flood and finally he is serviving.

When ever I am visiting that place i am seeing that now that tree is not alone . He made new friends. New trees are grown up.


Don’t loose hope eiher you are alone or you are struggling. because oneday you will survive  alone other will vanish. But the day you will survive you will spread hope of rays for others. Kuin ki kahabat hai”har din suraj ata hai chala jta hai but jis din suraj ko grahan lagta hai us din log uske mahatwa ko samjhte hai” 

Don’t take grahan in a negetive way as i am thinking eclipse is the best example to explain it.


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