Please Let Me Live

2013 December 13 me and my friend visited a government  hospital in Cuttack. The doctor prescribed him for ultrasound. When we reached near ultrasound room a couple was fighting.

When we saw them they seemed to be educate. So we were interested to talk with them and we had a talk with them. The husband was so angry on his wife and he was shouting on her with a word i.e. “mko nehi chaiye” . When we had a talk with technician he told the lady was pregnant since last 4 months and his husband asked her for ultrasound and we came to know that she had a baby girl in her womb. we were astonished when we came to know that the person is  a well educated person. and he was asking her for abortion.

let’s go to Indian mythology what we saw?

We Indian believe in goddesses. We saw in our mythology that when ever any evil power tried to destroy this world some time Kali maa came and sometime Durga maa.

When we need wealth we pray Laxmi Maa. When we need education we pray saraswati maa. it means we Indian are nowhere with out the word MAA.gc1

A girl is a powerful creation of God, if she can make the world; can destroy.

If we need MAA everywhere then why this step by us??

When we went to rural areas we see a concept.

  • We want beta as our Waris.
  • Beti ki piche itne paisa khrcha na kar.
  • Beti peda hoti hai dusre ke ghar ke lie.
  • if a girl fall in love with a person and something wrong happened that everyone blames her. i.e. “thare chori nak katwake agyi

We Indian has to answer about this  issue because if we pray goddess  as maa and now we are trying to kill girl child before birth ?

Why we are not understanding that lady is the only responsible person to give birth to ne baby either a boy or girl.

Why our society is not interested for gender equality. ?

Why? when we male see a girl in small dress then we start commenting them and why we call them bitch? 

Well I know I am deviating form my topic but yes before coming to my topic i should write these points because now we are calling India “the capital of rape”. May be this is a reason that parents are not interested for a girl child because they are thinking that may be their daughter is not safe if she will come to this world. 


In his Radio Address Mann ki Baat, the Prime Minister spoke about the declining Child Sex Ratio (CSR) in the country and why we should be concerned about it. The CSR has been on the decline since 1991 and currently is the worst since independence.  From 945 girls for every 1000 boys in 1991, it went down to 927 in 2001 and to 918 in 2011.

Now we can imagine how the ratio is decreasing. If it will continue after 100 years the ratio will become 500:1000. It means there will be a girl for two boys.


The research says Kerala is having highest girl child ratio(1084:1000) followed by puduchery (1034:1000) then Tamilnadu, AP, Chatisgarh. Where Delhi has least girl child ratio followed by Haryana, J&K,sikim, Punjab


Narendra Modi Government took a great initiative for this issue. They started beti bachao bahiyan. During this government identified 100 cities which are having lowest child ratio and they are following some strategies

  • implement a sustained Social Mobilization and Communication Campaign to create equal value for the girl child .
  • Place the issue of decline in CSR/SRB in public discourse, improvement of which would be an indicator for good governance.
  • Focus on Gender Critical Districts and Cities low on CSR for intensive & integrated action.
  • Mobilize & Train Panchayati Raj Institutions/Urban local bodies/ Grass-root workers as catalysts for social change, in partnership with local community/women’s/youth groups.
  • Ensure service delivery structures/schemes & programmes are sufficiently responsive to issues of gender and children’s rights.
  • Enable Inter-sectoral and inter-institutional convergence at District/Block/Grass-root levels



  • We can have a campaign for this as we youth are the biggest supporter for the government.
  • We can aware people and illiterate villagers regarding this how it will effect our future when they will not a girl for their boy i.e. “tere chore ko chori na mile
  • We can take initiative can prepare a list of doctor  as well as hospitals who are supporting KANYA BHRUN HATYA.After that we can handover that to government for necessary action with proper evidance.
  • We can take help of police and ngo’s as well.( we know police never help us but in this matter police is the only person who is helping us)

Last but not least “Agar kalko ladki nehi rahegi to ladke kya eha…………….. banenge”

So take initiative and stop it as recently we are seeing some cases that people are killing girls after birth as government is taking serious action against before birth kill.

And if anyone is really interested to work on it they are free to contact me as we are planning to work on this issue seriously and hope our this step will help our government to overcome from this issue as well as us.girl-child



             “Girls are someone’s mother, wife and sister then why you don’t need daughters.



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