U & I

23 September 2011. 


May I have a seat near you?

I was astonished who is this silly girl whose voice I never heard? As i was having my nap as usual in bus. when I looked at her and I was like;-) (can’t tell). My answer was yeah, u can .

27th September 2011

Ragging Day (generally Introduction round during b tech )

I called everyone for introduction. But when it was her turn, i couldn’t able to call her. I don’t what happened to me at that time. More or less I took her introduction ;-). i didn’t know what happened to me but yes it was conformed that i am in love with that girl in my 2nd meeting with her.

Main Issue came near me during introduction round when I came to know she is committed since 2008.

But yes I follow 2 rule in my life

  1. Every goal-post has a goal-keeper but yes possibility of goal is there.
  2. I love to achieve that thing what I love.

During those days i had my 3rd semi-star examination. so I usually met her after my exam when she was entering for her 1st semi-star exam. I wait for more than one hour to tell her only “all the best” .

3rd February 2012

I asked her number.  But i never knew that my this question would bring many question in my life 😀

  1. Why you need my number?
  2. How can I trust you?
  3. What will happen to me when my Bf will come to know that i gave my number?

i was thinking did i ask a wrong question?

But only one i gave her “suno mein thme mobile number manga hoon tmse sadi krne ko nehi bola hn so agr dogi to do nehi to mana kro itne nakhare na dikhao mko”

ladkiyon ko aj tk bhagwan bhi samjh nehi paye hm kya samjhe.

Mra eha ek line mre jindegi mein kranti le ayega mko pta nehi tha :-D. She agreed to give me her number and as usual talk started by phone. 

5th May 2012

Will you be my best-friend?

Answer came yeah, I can. But don’t expect more from me. I told yeah ok.

sach bole to i never expected more from her But yes after becoming best friend we started late night talk. As I applied a trick late night talk always works.

Even I confess here that she lied her boyfriend becoz of me. She usually change the sim to talk with me. it goes on n we were happy with it.

17th july 2012

I got a call around 4.30pm. Biswajit, everything over. I was astonished as I was sleeping I didn’t start anything what is over? 😀

She gave me a good news actually bad news for her. 😛 , “He left me”. I answered her only one word “really“. She disconnected phone after this word. As usual I love to utilize the chance  ;-). I called her back and asked her to meet me in the evening although i had a paper i.e. BMP(basic manufacturing process) “socha ki yar agar back laga to next sem de dunga agar kudi nikal gyi to jindegi bhar nehi milegi

8th October 2012

I love this date the most. 1st it is her birthday .



and answer was……………..

30th October 2012

ovio its my birthday. well this date was also special for me. 1st time i taste the touch of love.

it goes on, goes on. Many huddles came and went but we were together.

After that i was busy with my  placement schedule as well other activities so  i couldn’t able to give her time. she adjusted lot

31st October 2013

My phone vibrated at 9.30 am. I got a message i.e.

Meko lagta hai ki hm dono, dono ke lie nehi bane hai kuin ki meko apne pyar ke sath rhna pasand but tumko thmre social activity aur  dosto ke sath rehena pasand. Jab mein thmre bagal mein beth ke kahi jati hn lagta tk nehi ki tm mre bagal mein bethe ho kuin ki jo biswajit ko mein last February mein dekhi thi woh biswajit aur nehi raha. he is totally changed. Meko eha tak lagta hai ki pata nehi biswajit ke life mein mre lie kuch bacha hi nehi bahut wait ki thmre lie but aur nehi kr skti kuin ki har ek chiz ke ek limit hti hai jis in woh khtm ho jao us din either woh wohi pe khtm ho jati hai nhi to dusro ko parisan krke rakhta hai. So i think its time to over our relationship. Love you always miss you lot. you always take care and control your anger always kuin ki woh mein thi jo sehe jati thi but aur koi ladki sahegi ya nehi uska koi guarantee nehi hai. Again take care and love you. “

The last message i got from her. After that neither she picked my call nor met me.  But yes she is the only person whom i love the most after my family. Even almost after 3 years i always check her fb by other’s fb (as I am blocked).

And i realized that “falling in love is not a big deal but keeping it is the biggest deal of life“. Yes anyone can’t be like her because till today i didn’t find a girl like her who would able to understand me as well love me unconditionally.

So you are the best ekta….. As people tell that a person can;t forget his 1st love and yes it is true in my situation.

God bless you and keep you always happy . when ever you will need me i will be their with                                                                        you




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  1. Mihir Tripathy says:

    Super bro … ek number 😍


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