U are my last choice..

Lima & Jack

Lima- Specialization?

Jack- Finance

Lima- section?

Jack- Finance A

waoooo me Finance B 🙂

This is a short conversation between two matured people.

Really are they  matured !

Jack may not but why ?

Because he fell in love with Lima :-O

really ?

May be. Lets c what Jack would do ?








Hello ma’am, Jack this side. May I come in ?

Ma’am i want to change my section. but why jack ?? :-O

I don’t know ma’am may be I am finding section B more attractive than mine.

Ok jack as you are our obedient I am permitting you for section change.

January 15

Jack:- hie Lima, what’s your plan for today?

Lima:- nothing,  thinking to go outside.

Jack:- Can we go together?

Lima:- sure, be ready with in 2 hours.

Jack :- but I will make the plan.

Lime :- done.

Jack:- thank you, 🙂 see you soon.

At 5 pm

Jack:– Can we go for movie ?

Lima:- sure

jack :- then “me before you”.

Lima:- what ? :-O

Jack:- movie dear.

Lima:- okie cool. 🙂

At 9.30 pm

Jack :-lets go for dinner., sure

Lima:- waooo, this place is beautiful

Jack:- wait more surprise is waiting for you.

Lima:- really 🙂

Jack :- wait and watch

light deemed . Slow music started. with the tune of  “Ramones” and the song was “I wanna be your boy friend”. violin played and jack asked Lima to sit on the reserved seat. After some time a cake came written on it “LIMA” and Jack asked her to cut the cake. when she cut the cake a beautiful ring came out from that. At a glance another ring was offered by jack on his knee.

Jack:- will you be my girlfriend? Can convert this friendship to relationship ?

These two questions surprised Lima and what Lima replied him that really surprised Jack.

Lima:- “I never expected this from you. i thought you are my good friend. Even my best friend. But We can’t come in relationship. I am really enjoying my single life and you should enjoy. But we can’t handle this relationship. Sorry Jack I respect your feeling but I can’t be your girlfriend”

Then Lima left that place. which made Jack speechless. jack tried to contact her. tried to talk with her but no reply from her side. which put Jack in dale-ma . Many questions came to his mind “Did I do something wrong? did i do a mistake by proposing her ?  Am i bad ? Am i ugly ? Can’t be I a good life partner?”

Early morning when Jack was crossing the road. He saw Lima  and he was much happy that he couldn’t able to know vehicle was coming and unconsciously he came under a vehicle.

Lima saw him during accident and when she came near him and try to take him hospital she listened some words which were uttered by Jack ” You are my last choice”  which really shocked Lima and she told “I love you Jack don’t leave me”. But may be it was too late and jack was no more.

When Lima went for class. Jack’s roommate handover-ed her a diary because Jack asked him if something would happen to me then definitely u have to give this to Lima.

Lima saw some line from that diary which made her cry.

” Try to understand love of someone who really cares for you. Don’t use your past experience to measure present one. If someone is giving you importance then try to be his/her. because life is beautiful and someone is there for you to make it more beautiful. And I agree single life is beautiful but sometime commitment gives someone a beautiful experience and sometime this relationship doesn’t mean putting pressure on someone. It means feel the feeling of love and attraction because love is beautiful and we also love everyone in this world but loving everyone is good but loving a special one is the best feeling of the world”

Dear Lima,

If you would have question why this boy changed his class and why he is talking with me so much then i have a answer for you i.e. “you are my last choice “

“dedicated to special one- if i will love her then i will loose her if not then also”

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