The Last Chance :-)

The cell phone beeped,’ Hey love! I am so happy that finally we are going to be together. I am so happy that you came into my life, that you accepted my love. Just can’t wait to hold you in my arms’. She blushed reading the text. It was a cold winter night and yet she was feeling warm, so warm inside. A feeling she always craved for.
Every night she would sit quietly in her balcony and look at the moon with a blank mind. She had spent nights doing that. But that night was different. The moon made her restless that night. Something was bothering her. Many thoughts were flashing through her mind. Amidst all the thoughts, she found herself glued to just one thought, the day she met him. In spite of knowing him since long, she met him for the first time at a friend’s wedding.
She was out of a bad relationship and needed a change so she went on with the plan of attending the wedding. Little did she know that fate had got other plans for her! She was relaxing in her hotel room when she got a call to get ready. She reached a bit late to the wedding venue. “At least not today kayaa!” her friend gave her disgusted looks. “I am so sorry. Now cheer up ‘because it’s your wedding. Don’t behave like a grumpy cat”. She forgot all her troubles, all that was bothering her.
“I want you to meet someone. He is a very good friend of mine, my best friend. You will really like his company”, her friend said. “Ishi, I am fine this way. She said.
Ishi looked into her eyes for a moment…
Ishi: Okay! Leave all these. Let’s have a smoke.
Kayaa: God! It’s your wedding. Not today!
Ishi: oh common! You and your fears..
Kayaa: What if anyone gets to know?
Ishi: I have my own ways honey! Now just stop your oh-so-cute expressions and come along. I know all your good girl ways.
Kayaa: Hah! Stop being sarcastic. I know I am cute as an angel. Stop being jealous just because aunty loves me more.
They laughed remembering all their childhood memories and sneaked out for a smoke.
“So someone’s sneaking out??”, “Hey where were you? I was searching for you. Meet my friend kayaa” she said as she pulled kayaa by hand as she was not so willing to meet him.
“Hey! Anwit!!” he put his hand out. “Kayaa!!” she said with a not-so-friendly gesture without even looking at him. She was rolling her eyes on Ishi when she caught a glance of him and was dumbstruck. “Anwit from Delhi?! Oh my god!! I am so sorry I couldn’t recognize you. Please don’t mind”. Ishi was watching all these with weird and confused expression.
Ishi: you guys know each other? I mean two of my best friends
know each other and I don’t even know?
Kayaa: We know each other since long. But we are meeting for
the first time today.
Anwit: yeah because she never had time from her work and her
Ishi: since you guys already know each other, half my job is
Kayaa: (confused) your half what??
Ishi: Ignore. You will get to know soon.
She enjoyed a lot that evening; her best friend married her long time love, she met a friend. Ishi’s uninterested expressions, the groom’s cartoonist brother, some weird looking people, Anwit’s lame jokes. Everything summed up the fun she had that evening. While they were leaving for the hotel, Kayaa heard Anwit calling her…
Anwit: Hey, you staying back tomorrow?

Kayaa: No. I have office to attend by tomorrow noon. So I am
leaving tomorrow morning.
Anwit: okay. How will you reach airport so early? If you don’t
mind, can I drop you?
Kayaa: It’s okay. I will manage.
Anwit: I am dropping you tomorrow.
Kayaa: Good night.
Anwit: Good night.
Next day around six in the morning, Kayaa called him as she thought he might still be sleeping. She was shocked to hear him waiting since half an hour. They started for the airport.
Anwit: How’s life and how’s your guy?
Kayaa: We are not together anymore.
Anwit: I am sorry if by any chance I made u sad.
Kayaa: No its okay. I am fine.
They both were silent till they reached airport. As kayaa was leaving, Anwit held her hands and…
Anwit: You deserve every happiness in this world. Don’t be sad. I
am always there for you.
Kayaa: (with a sarcastic smile) me and happiness?! Thank u anyway.
Anwit: Let your guards down. Everyone is not the same.
Kayaa: I am tired. Bye! Take care.
Anwit: we will meet soon. Take care.
She reached office and continued with her usual life. A couple of days later, she got a call from Ishi…
Ishi: I need to talk to you about something really serious.
Kayaa: Is everything fine?
Ishi: Yes, everything is fine with me. It’s about you and your life.
Kayaa: okay…What is it?
Ishi: What do u think about Anwit? I mean what do u feel about
him as a person?
Kayaa: Of all this?? He is a nice person. I always get good vibes
him. I don’t know him much but I feel he is a nice soul.
Ishi: why don’t u guys get along? Give it a thought.
Kayaa: Are you mad? We are good friends and I am scared of
Relationships now. He deserves much better than what
I am.
Ishi: Let him decide that. Please talk to him when he calls you. I
really want to see you happy and I am sure Anwit can give
you the happiness you deserve.
Kayaa: I am not sure. He doesn’t know anything about my past.
What if I tell him everything and lose my friendship
Ishi: let your guards down kayaa. Talk to him. Give life another
Kayaa: Anwit told me the same thing. Okay I will talk to him. Ask him to call me up after my office hours.
She disconnected the call with thoughts racing in her mind. She started for home as she was not in a condition to attend any meeting anymore. She remembered all the times Dakshit had hurt her, made her cry, and left her helpless. She was very scared of ending up there again. She reached home and was making coffee for herself when her phone rang. It was Anwit. With trembling hand, she took the call…
Anwit: Hello! How are you doing?
Kayaa: I am doing well.
(After a long pause)
Anwit: Did Ishi call you up?
Kayaa: yes.
Anwit: look! I know u have been through a lot and I know you
are Scared. I just want you to give it a thought. I will
always be with you always no matter what you decide.
I think we can get along really well.
Kayaa: Anwit, you don’t know anything about my past. U
Deserve much better than what I am.
Anwit: I know I deserve the best. And that’s why I am requesting
You to think about it once. I haven’t seen a soul so pure,
So innocent. You know when u left, I so wanted to hug you
But could not. I so want you in my life. I want to give you
All the happiness you deserve.
Kayaa: I don’t want to end up lost again.
Anwit: I won’t let that happen. I will wait for your call. Take
your time, think properly. But remember, good people
exist. Not everyone is the same.

The call dropped leaving kayaa in a lot of chaos. She kept on thinking about the ways Dakshit used to treat her. The things that Ishi told. The way she blushed when Anwit said he wanted to hug her. But again she wondered… what if she takes another chance? She fell asleep exhausted with all those thoughts.
When she woke up, the first thing was she looked for her phone and yes! There was his text reading ‘good morning sunshine’. After long she felt warm reading a morning text. She replied to it. They chatted with each other the entire day. Things went on such for few more days. It was his birthday. They were on call since evening that day. “Happy birthday…” she wished him. “ I am so happy that I started my birthday with your wish”. She never felt so happy before.
She decided to tell Anwit about everything that has been haunting her. With a deep breath, she started. Shetold him everything about her past, things she was scared to even think of. She told him everything about her disturbed childhood, how her step dad used to treat her badly, how her friends used to betray her and the way Dakshit used to treat her even after knowing everything. Anwit was listening to everything very calmly. There was a long silence…
“… That’s it?”, Anwit asked. “yes!”, she replied softly. “ I don’t have anything to do with your past and whatever happened with you was not your fault. Nothing can ever change what I feel for you”, Anwit said.
“Anwit… I love you! Please never make me regret this. I don’t want to end up in that hell again. I cannot take it anymore”.
“I love you a lot Kayaa. I will never ever leave your side. I am so happy that in spite of all your fears and all that you have been through you accepted my request”.
The cell phone beeped again shaking her out of her thoughts. It read, ‘I love you Kayaa…’ She kept on reading that text again and again. She never knew someone could love her so much. When her body felt like a cage, he unlocked them just with his words. He took her pain and eased them so effortlessly. He put all her fears and insecurities to rest so easily.
She looked at the moon again…and all she could think and feel in that cold winter night was him and his warmth…

MORAL:-‘Sometimes good things fall apart so that the things which are best for us can fall to place. No one meets accidentally or coincidentally. They are meant to cross our paths. Fate has got its own ways to put things to place…’


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